20 Common Last Names That Start With S, With Meanings

20 Common Last Names That Start With S, With Meanings

Do you know that each last name in the world has a meaning and a story behind it?

These names tell a story of a family– ancestors, origin, occupation in the olden times, and a lot more!

While some names are habitational, others are geographical or occupational.

Here are some last names that start with ‘S’ from across the world.

Common Last Names Starting With S, In Different Origins

Italian Last Names That Start With S

1. Sabina

This surname is originated from the Old French masculine name ‘Sabin’ or feminine ‘Sabine’.

These words are derived from the Latin words ‘Sabinus’ or ‘Sabina’, meaning a member of the Sabine tribe.

2. Saccone

The surname ‘Saccone’ is derived from an old Tuscan name ‘Saccus’ or ‘Sacco,meaning ‘a sac’. This surname was given to those who made sacks and bags as their occupation.

The surname ‘Saccone’ seems to have evolved from the word ‘Sacco’ in the Salerno province of Italy.

3. Saggio

Saggio is an Italian surname that means ‘wise’ and ‘learned’.It was derived from the Latin word ‘Sagax’ meaning ‘sharp’

4. Sala

Sala or Salas are both different variations of the same last name.

These last names are derived from the word ‘Sal’, which means ‘building’.

5. Saladino

The last name Saladino has unusual Muslim origins and has different forms and meanings in French and Italian. The meaning of this surname is ‘to open conjecture’. Famous personalities with this surname include Gaspar Saladino and Irving Saladino, among others.

6. Sanna

This common Italian surname means ‘Lily’.

7. Santoro

Italy has had its own share of saints, also depicted in the many prized artworks by known artists

like Leonardo da Vinci and others. The last name ‘Santoro’ is named after feasts and saints and means ‘feast of all the saints’.

8. Sartori

Sartori is derived from the word ‘Sartos’, which means ‘tailor’.

This is another occupational surname that is popular in Italy.

9. Scotti

This is an Italian last name beginning with ‘S’. ‘Scotti’ was the last name given to people coming to Italy from Scotland. ‘Scotto’ is a variation of this last name.

10. Segreto

Translating to ‘confidant’ in Italian, the last name ‘Segreto’ has its origins in the Latin word ‘secretum’,

which means ‘a hidden place’. This surname was given to secret couriers and spies.

11. Serra

Also used as a first name, this common Italian last name means ‘ridge or a chain of hills’.

12. Sica

This last name means ‘victory’ and originates from the word ‘Sigi’.

Greek Last Names Starting With S

13. Sacca

A surname similar to the Italian surname ‘Saccone’, Sacca is the occupational name given to the ‘maker and seller of sacks’.

14. Salamon

Also called ‘Solomon’,it is a popular first name and last name.

This surname is derived from the ‘Son of Solomon’, an ancestor of the Greeks.

15. Samaras

This is an occupation-based surname that means ‘saddle maker’.

16. Sarris

This Greek surname has a Turkish origin and means ‘blonde’ or ‘light or fair-haired’.

17. Savas

This Greek last name originates from the word ‘Sabbath’ or Saturday and is taken from

the Greek version of the holy ‘Sabbath’.

18. Scala

A surname that has its roots in Italy, Scala is a common Greek surname that means ‘ladder’, ‘steps’, or stairway.

19. Selinofoto

This is a Greek last name thatmeans ‘moonlight’.

20. Servopoulos

‘Opoulos’ is common in Greek last names and means ‘descendant of’.

The last name ‘Servomotors’ means a ‘descendant of a Serb






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